Akane Minagawa
Name Akane Minagawa
Kanji (みな)(がわ) (あかね)
Gender Female Female
Age 24
Height 168cm
Weight 49kg
Family Narumi Kanai (Fiancé)[1]
First Appearance
Anime Scum's wish
Japanese Aki Toyosaki
English Michelle Ruff
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Akane Minagawa is a music teacher at Mugi and Hanabi's school. Despite being new, she became popular among the students rather quickly.

She was previously Mugi's home tutor and because of that, calls him "Mugi-chan" as proof of how they've known each other for some time. [2] She is somewhat sadistic and manipulative.


Akane has two different personalities.

At school, she displays a docile, airheaded personality, which made her instantly popular. Because of this, she was able to make Narumi Kanai, a fellow teacher and Hanabi's love interest, fall for her. She acts clumsy and cute which gets her a lot of attention.

However, outside school, she's the complete opposite. She goes out with many men and enjoys playing with them, though grows bored of them quite fast, hence is why she spends very little time with them after she lures them in to sleep with her. Having men obsess over her deeply pleases her. She has never really fallen in love with anyone and doubts there would be a "someone" who will make her feel that way will come into her life. However, she is touched by Narumi Kanai's love for her and decides to marry him.


Akane is a tall young woman, who seems to be quite thin. She has long and smooth light brown hair with hazel eyes. According to Hanabi's classmates she's very beautiful. She wears natural-style makeup, takes care of her appearance, and is always well-dressed.


Akane uses men for her own desires.


Mugi AwayaEdit

They had sex as seen in episode 8-10. Furthermore, Mugi is obsessed with her to the point that he accepted her slutty side even though she doesn't like him.

HaNABI yasuraokaEdit

Because she manipulates other men, she uses Nurumi to make Hanabi jealous and she hates her, in turn. Though, throughout the story, she accepted her marriage with Nurumi.

Noriko KamomebataEdit

Narumi KanaiEdit

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  2. Official Website: 花火や麦の通う学校の音楽教師。 清楚な出で立ちで、生徒からの人気も高い。 麦の中学時代の家庭教師で、麦のことを「麦ちゃん」と呼ぶ。
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