Atsuya Kirishima
Name Atsuya Kirishima
Kanji 桐嶋篤也
Gender Male Male
Family Sanae Ebato (Cousin)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 30
Japanese Shintaro Asanuma
Image Gallery

Atsuya Kirishima (桐嶋 篤也) is a character in Scum's Wish.

He is Sanae's cousin. [1]


Not much about his personality is given . But he is much of a straightforward boy and his affection for Sanae is clear. His care towards her is also noticed, and he willingly warned Hanabi not to hurt her. He seems to value Sanae's happiness over a chance at a relationship.


Atsuya has black hair and black eyes.



Hanabi YasuraokaEdit

He regards her as a sort of love rival.

Mugi AwayaEdit

Sanae EbatoEdit

Cousin and love interest.

Noriko KamomebataEdit

Narumi KanaiEdit

Akane MinagawaEdit



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