Narumi Kanai
Name Narumi Kanai
Kanji 鐘井(かない) 鳴海(なるみ)
Romaji Kanai Narumi
Gender Male Male
Family Akane Minagawa (Fiancée)[1]
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Kenji Nojima
Actor Kouki Mizuta
Image Gallery

Narumi Kanai is a character in Scum's Wish.

Narumi is Hanabi's love interest and her homeroom teacher in high school. He teaches literature.

Hanabi calls him "big brother" ever since they were little. [2]


Narumi Kanai is displayed as kind and good-hearted. He likes women with long hair, hence his falling for Akane, since his mother had long hair.


Narumi is a tall and slim young man. He has the same dark purple hair colour as Hanabi. He wears glasses.



Hanabi YasuraokaEdit

Narumi has known Hanabi since she was a child. He views her as his little sister, and cares about her very much. But he will never view her as a love interest.

Mugi AwayAEdit

Narumi does not really know Mugi. But Mugi does know about him, since he is Narumi's "replacement".

Sanae EbatoEdit

Noriko KamomebataEdit

Akane MinagawaEdit

Narumi fell in love with Akane at first sight. He never doubted her despite knowing about her habit of sleeping with men. He is willing to love her for the rest of his life even if she cheats on him. He just wants her to be happy.

Atsuya KirishimaEdit


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  2. Official Website: 花火のクラスの担任。国語教師。 花火とは幼い頃からの付き合いで「お兄ちゃん」と呼ばれている。
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