Noriko Kamomebata
Name Noriko Kamomebata
Kanji (かも)(めばた )のり子
Aliases Moka
Gender Female Female
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2: I'm here for that warmth
Japanese Shiori Izawa
Image Gallery

Noriko Kamomebata (鴎端のり子), also known as Moka, is a character in Scum's Wish.

She's Mugi's childhood friend and frequently refers to him as "prince". 

She's not fond of her real name and dislikes having people addressing to her by it. Instead, she prefers her nickname, Moka (モカ), which is short for most cutest (最も可愛い mottomo kawaii). 


Mugi's childhood friend who has been in love with him ever since someone told her that she and Mugi looked like a "prince" and "princess." She has been pursuing Mugi and trying to act and look like a princess because of the comment. She hates her own name and prefers to be called "Moka," abbreviated from "most kawaii." When she confesses her feelings to Mugi, Mugi takes advantage of her to pursue a physical relationship without returning her feelings. However, Mugi later realizes that Moka is special to him and he does not want to ruin her for his selfish needs; thus, their physical relationship ends.


In the anime she has golden hair usually tied back in long twin-tails with ribbons of any sort. Her eyes are light brown and has a petite figure, often looking younger than she actually is. Noriko fancies looking like a princess to fulfill her childhood dreams with Mugi as her prince.



Hanabi YasuraokaEdit

Noriko very much dislikes Hanabi as she feels that she is only using Mugi for her own benefits. She typically gets jealous when she sees Hanabi and Mugi together while warning Hanabi to stay away. This usually results in Hanabi showing attitude back as she still perceives Noriko as a little child who does not know anything.

Mugi AwayaEdit

After she confesses to him[1], the two kiss. Back in his room, they almost have sex. Though Noriko wants to, even knowing that he doesn't really love her, he feels guilty and stops.

Sanae EbatoEdit

Narumi KanaiEdit

Akane MinagawaEdit

Atsuya KirishimaEdit


  1. Chapter 27
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