Sanae Ebato
Name Sanae Ebato
Kanji ()(ばと) ()(なえ)
Aliases Ecchan
Gender Female Female
Age 17
Height 165cm
Family Atsuya Kirishima (Cousin)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2: I'm here for that warmth
Japanese Haruka Tomatsu
English Cassandra Lee Morris
Actor Sarii Ikegami
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Sanae Ebato (絵鳩 早苗 Ebato Sanae) is a main character in Scum's Wish.

Sanae is 17 years old and is a second-year in high school. She was introduced as a character that fell in love with Hanabi Yasuraoka during a incident on a train when Hanabi saved her from being molested on the day of their entrance exams. [1]

Personality Edit

Sanae is shown to have a kind side in the beginning of the series, however, around Hanabi, she grows jealous, lustful and possessive especially in their alone time.


Sanae is a tall, fair-skinned girl with long red hair (cut short in the end) that extends to her mid back. She has greenish blue eyes and is usually seen wearing a school uniform. She is considered beautiful and attractive.



Hanabi Yasuraoka Edit

Sanae met Hanabi when the two were taking the same train to their entrance exam. A man tried to molest Sanae. Sanae was afraid, but she wasn't brave enough to do anything. Hanabi, knowing that the girl next to her is molested, took out her phone and took the pic of the molester. Sanae was very relieved and thankful. But despite that, Sanae became traumatized with men.

Turned out the they go to the same high school. They became friends, and as the time passes, Sanae (now called 'Ecchan' by Hanabi) develops romantic feelings toward Hanabi.

Later in the anime series, they began to have sexual relationship, only to be ended short after. They had a break after it, but at the end they conciled and became best friends again.

Mugi AwayaEdit

Sanae extremely dislikes Mugi because he's the boyfriend of Hanabi, whom she has feelings for. She often looks sternly towards him.

Noriko KamomebataEdit

Narumi KanaiEdit

Akane MinagawaEdit

Atsuya KirishimaEdit


  1. Official Website: 花火の友人。1年生の時は花火とはクラスメイトだった。 2年生になり花火とはクラスが別々になるが 今も一緒にお昼を食べるなど仲が良い。
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